what is Sheer Fabric ?

what is Sheer Fabric ?

iFabric stocks a large collection of sheer fabrics of all kinds. Our sheer fabric collection includes a wide range of tulle, organza, and chiffon fabrics available in different colors and textures to suit all your apparel and decorative needs.


Sheer fabric is lightweight and translucent, offering shade and privacy where you need it most. It combines well with other fabrics to create a delicate effect that reveals and conceals simultaneously. When used on windows, sheer fabrics allow you to see the outside but obscure the view from the outside. Our sheer fabrics are offered in different levels of opaqueness, weight, and colors.



Sheer Fabric



Sheers make stylish dresses and tops when used on their own, but can also transform a heavier material into fabulous gowns, dresses, skirts, and other upscale head-turning outfits. You can also use them as sheer curtain on your window to create a luxurious and romantic ambience in your home, protect your furnishing from sunlight, and help them last longer.


iFabric Tulle fabric is perfect for making veils, bridals, gowns, as well as ballet tutus. It can also be used for making decorative ornaments and as a luxurious wrapping material for party gifts. Tulle is also widely used in quilting and crafts.




Organza fabric is ideal for making evening dresses and wedding wears as well as party decorations for any kind of event, especially weddings. Organza also works perfectly for arts and crafts projects.


Our Chiffon fabric is also a sheer fabric ideal for adding a romantic twist to gowns, evening wear, blouses, and dresses. It has excellent floating quality, making it ideal for decoration and fashion applications.


Choose from our beautiful collection of sheer fabrics available in a wide range of exciting colors to add glam and spark to your events and apparel. iFabric collection of sheer fabrics are high quality, affordable and durable.



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