Minky Solid Fabric

Minky Solid Fabric

iFabric's collection of comfy and cuddly Minky Solid fabric is ideal for a wide range of uses including baby apparel, baby toys, arts and crafts and so much more. Made from 100 percent polyester, iFabric’s collection of adorable, super soft Minky Solid fabric offers a plush texture and cuddly feel that makes it an excellent fabric for several baby accessories. 


We offer a breathtaking assortment of colors of Minky Solid fabric to make captivating and comfortable baby apparel and toys. You can choose from a diverse array of amazing solid hues including light blue, light pink, black, lilac, red, ivory, purple, and sage. We also have the camel, burgundy, brown, Kelly green, orange, and canary-colored Minky Solid fabric. 


Minky Solid



Our Minky Solid fabric is durable and affordable, and they come in 3mm pile. Whether for your baby accessories or creative uses, we offer many exciting options to satisfy all your needs at low cost. 


iFabric’s collection of Minky Solid fabric can be used for many purposes. Due to their ultra-soft, cuddly texture, Minky Solid fabric is the preferred material for adorable baby blankets that not only provide comfort but fascinate and keep the baby calm. 


Minky Solid fabric also makes excellent decorative layers in modern cloth nappies because they don’t soak up liquid. Whether as a standalone fabric or in combination with other fabrics, Minky Solid fabric enables you to take your imagination wherever it feels like going with the tons of embroidery patterns and applique designs you can make with them. 


Minky Solid


Our beautiful and durable Minky Solid fabric is perfect for making baby clothes. Its super soft and smooth texture makes it comfortable to wear, its thickness makes it ideal for winter clothing, and its polyester material makes it extremely easy to wash and low maintenance. 


Minky Solid fabric is also ideal for baby bibs as well as many other baby accessories. Instead of using Minky fabric as only a blanket backing, you could use it to make a play blanket by combining different colors of the fabric to make a rich patchwork design. Take your design a notch higher by adding decorative designs at different points and edges using ribbons or beads. Your child is definitely going to love it!  


If your baby throws tantrums during baths, maybe the washcloth is itchy. Minky Solid fabric is perfect for making soft and soothing infant washcloths that is gentle on your baby's skin and will make bath time more fun and hassle-free. 


Our Minky Solid fabric is also great for all your baby toy projects, and they make adorable and soft toys for your baby to have fun. 


iFabric Minky Solid fabric can also be used to transform your baby's crib into a super-cozy, comfortable space. All you have to do is add an elastic to the corners and tuck it under your baby mattress for a cuddly all-season bed sheet that will bring many splendid nights for your baby. 


If you have a creative mind, iFabric Minky Solid fabric is a great choice for quilt projects. It also makes beautiful bags, wallets and fashionable purses. You can also use Minky Solid for home furnishing purposes such as soft and comfy pillows and cushions of different designs and patterns to give your home decor a facelift. In short, there are so many possibilities with Minky Solid fabric. 


iFabric offers Minky Solid fabric of excellent quality at affordable prices. You can also enjoy free shipping and huge discounts when you buy in bulk.  



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