Velboa Faux Fur Fabric

What is Velboa Faux Fur Fabric ?

iFabric presents Velboa Faux Fur Fabric Short Pile. A large selection of colors and designs are available in our stores for all your needs. Velboa Faux Fur Fabric is designed to have the feel and look and warmth of the real faux fur. Use it for blankets, coats, bags, boots and much more.


Velboa Faux fur fabric is a textile made to mimic realistic animal furs. At iFabric , we have a breathtaking assortment of Velboa faux fur fabric in different animal prints to suit all your needs.


Velboa Faux Fur Fabric



Velboa Faux Fur Fabric is made from 100 percent polyester, making it tough-wearing and highly durable. The fabric has a soft and plush texture and comes in a wide range of patterns depending on the type of animal print. Velboa faux fur fabric is the perfect realistic animal skin textile both in design and strength.



Choose from a large array of realistic animal prints from our Velboa faux fur collection. From animal camouflage, cheetah, cow, giraffe, leopard, Dalmatian dog, to mixed short pile Velboa fabric, you have everything you need for all your animal print projects on our extensive collection of Velboa faux fur fabrics. We also have the Velboa faux fur solid, puma, wildcat, zebra, and tiger short pile fabric of different colors and patterns for all your creative projects.



 Velboa Faux Fur Fabric



Are you looking for a quality and comfortable fabric to cover your child's rocking horse toy? Velboa faux fur fabric is an excellent material for this job as it resembles the animal's hide and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Velboa is the preferred fabric for making most pet toys and pet beds, and it features prominently in home decor and upholstery projects that require animal prints.





Velboa fabric features a plush and soft texture and beautiful patterns that make it an excellent fabric for blankets, bedspreads, covering for teddy bears and other animal baby toys, among others. It is also ideal for upholstery, car seats cover, drapery, and even fashion accessories.



Velboa Faux Fur Fabric



iFabric offers affordable and long lasting Velboa Faux Fur fabric of different patterns and colors. These fabrics are made from polyester and feature a snugly and soft texture for maximum comfort and warmth. You can select from different animal furs that look so much like the real thing in appearance and feel for all your creative and upholstery projects.



The fabric is sold in continuous lengths per yard. You can enjoy huge discounts and free shipping when you buy in bulk.



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