Polyester Fabric

iFabric is pleased to offer you excellent polyester fabric at a wholesale price. Our Polyester Fabric is soft and comfortable, making it great for clothing, napkins, tablecloths, and much more. Choose from our wide variety of 60inchwide roll fabric by the yard. The medium weight wholesale polyester fabrics are machine washable and extremely versatile.


Polyester Fabric 


Are you looking for a durable and easy-to-maintain fabric for your clothing, domestic, and decor needs? iFabric offers a breathtaking collection of high-quality polyester fabric at unbeatable prices! 


Polyester Fabric


Our polyester collection is soft and comfortable, which is why they are perfect for clothing, tablecloths, napkins, and much more. To satisfy your wide range of desires, check out our collection of Polyester Poplin and Polyester Gingham Fabrics.


Polyester Poplin


Poplin was first made in the 15th century at the Papal Residence in Avignon, France, where it was made with a silk warp and worsted wool weft. Over the centuries, Poplin has gone through different evolutions, and one of the best Poplin variants is the Polyester Poplin. 


Polyester Poplin fabric is a medium weight fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and highly durable. It is the preferred fabric for making uniforms in the medical and professional industry due to its natural ability to resist stain and water. 


iFabric's collection of 60" wide high-quality polyester poplin fabric includes many fascinating colors such as orange, lime, lilac, teal, and gold. We also have charcoal, eggplant, khaki, gray, peach, aqua, sky blue, red, royal blue, burgundy and ivory colored polyester poplin fabric among others. 




iFabric Polyester Poplin is ideal for making uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, and so on. 


Poplin fabric is also widely used in promotions and events due to its soft, wrinkle-resistant texture. It is a favorite of the ads industry for making captivating billboards, banners, stands and other promotional and marketing materials. 


What’s more, poly poplin is easy to maintain, machine washable, and long-lasting. Whether in the kitchen, party, or business promotions and political rallies, you can trust iFabric's 100 percent stain and wrinkle-resistant polyester poplin to deliver maximum value. The fabric is sold by the yard as one continuous length. 


Polyester Gingham Checkered

Polyester Gingham


A great addition to our impressive collection of fabric is our 100 percent Checkered Gingham polyester fabric. We have an assortment of beautiful gingham polyester fabrics in different colors. 


Gingham is popular for its checkered pattern, which makes it perfect for entertainment and home decor projects. Gingham can add flair and pattern when used for simple window treatments such as cornices and valances. Do you want you to add some barn-feel to your living room? Gingham drapery is just perfect! To make a lasting impression, add gingham to the edges of your existing drapery, and you have a country-looking living room in a contemporary setting. 


Gingham is also popularly used for making school uniforms, as the checkered pattern makes it easily recognizable and the fabric suits the school environment with perfection. 


iFabric's selection of gingham fabric is also a top choice for tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and can even be used for upholstery such as chair seat pads and cushions to give your furniture a cheerful and unique appeal. Gingham is also perfect for shirts, bedspreads, wash clothes, handkerchiefs, foundation garments among others.


Gingham is ideal for arts and crafts as its widely used for basket liners, quilts, tote bags, aprons, and much more! Whether for interior decorations or clothing uses, our high-quality gingham fabric is a superb choice. Plus, its machine washable and durable. 


Our gingham fabric is sold by the yard and is unbelievably affordable.


Choose from our large collection of polyester poplin and gingham fabric for all your clothing, home decor, promotional, and craft uses. We offer great discounts and free shipping when you order up to $100. What are you waiting for?


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