Lace Fabric

Our collection of beautiful lace fabrics is designed to allure, captivate and make you stand out with confidence.



Lace Fabric

Raschel Lace
The Raschel lace fabric is available in different designs to suit your social occasions and official parties. With dazzling floral embroidery sequence lace on mesh fabric, the Raschel Lace is available in various colors to suit your varied tastes. The elegant floral sequence floral patterns are attached to a see-through mesh backing.


Do you want to have a chic look at your office's gala holding by month end? Get your groove on with the gentle yet spectacular appearance of a celebrity with a trendy Raschel lace dress. The fabric is made from 100 percent polyester. This lace fabric is perfect for feminine apparel accents, dresses and blouses, overlays on skirts, and for special effect accents. The fabric can also be used to make designer clothes, gowns, accessories, table covers and so much more. The fabric has a width of 58/60" and goes for $3.99 per yard.


You can also go for the white, turquoise, pink, and purple Raschel Lace Fabric for stylish and trendy dresses, gowns, and blouses. We also have the green, ivory, fuchsia and coral colors which are perfect for making majestic gowns to wow the crowds at your birthday party. The black Raschel Lace fabric makes a bold statement with its deep hue that stands out on your skin, accentuating your natural gifts and boosting your confidence.
Whether you like retro designs from the early 1940s or upscale contemporary designs of the 21st century, Raschel lace fabric is ideal for all your fashion needs.



Lace Fabric


Beyoncé Evening Gown Lace
We love celebrities for their unique styles and wild spirit, and the Beyoncé lace fabric with floral embroidery sequence on a see-through mesh is the perfect fabric to make that attention-snatching evening gown.
Don’t you want to be the center of attraction at your friend's birthday party?
You can make that happen with the mesmerizing beauty of the Gold Beyoncé lace fabric. The fabric lives up to the superstar it was named after, and it’s perfectly suitable for making not only evening gowns that dazzle, but it is also ideal for dresses, blouses, and skirts of diverse styles and designs.


Whenever you want to bring out the trendy girl in you, the red Beyoncé lace fabric gives you that hot appeal to get the spotlight at the party. You can also choose the light coral, bright coral, silver and navy blue colors to get a feel of royalty. You can as well choose the cool ambience of purple, or royal blue for a sophisticated and polished look at the ball or evening party during the summer. The fabric can also be used for upholstery, embroidery, hair crafts, and hat making.


The Beyoncé Lace Fabric goes for $26.99 per yard. You get a 4 percent discount when you buy 10 yards, 8 percent when you buy 50 yards, 14 percent discount when you buy 100 yards, and you can save up to 20 percent when you order 250 yards.


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