Fleece Fabric

Welcome to iFabric's fabric store of high quality and oh-so-soft as well as incredibly cozy fleece fabric. We have a large selection of high quality fleece fabrics to meet all your needs. Our double brushed fleece fabrics can be used for all types of projects. Whether you’re making a scarf, sweater or seat covers, we offer the best selection of fleece fabrics in town.


Fleece Fabric


Fleece is fabric named after the woolen coat of a sheep. The 100% polyester fabric is a warm, cozy, and soft fabric use in making both men and women clothing. The texture and nature of fleece fabrics, however, make it an excellent choice for making kids clothing especially those for babies.


 The fleece fabric is the perfect fabrics for making blankets, shawls, socks, mittens, hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, and clothing that keep us warm and fuzzy in the cold winter months. The close knitted feature of fleece fabrics gives them the warm property that other fabrics do not possess.


Fleece Fabric


iFabric offers a variety of fleece fabric with different patterns to suit your desired need at wholesale prices. Visit www.ifabric.com to choose from a beautiful display of patterns. We are committed to giving you great value for money with quality fabrics for your everyday need.

Types of fleece fabrics

Cotton fleece: these are made from cotton or cotton mix blends, they are mostly used for sweatpants and sweatshirts and have an outer smooth and shine while the inner is soft and plush.


Polyester fleece: these are the most common used fleece fabric. It has the same characteristics as the cotton fleece but has an excellent moisture repellent property.


Lycra spandex fleece: this fleece is a mix of Lycra and cotton to create a fine stretchy fabric that is mostly used for fitted women and kids’ garments such as swimwear, gym clothing, tights, pantyhose, and leggings.


Microfleece: this is a double-layer, thin, soft, super light, and super absorbent fabric that is used to make items that keep moisture away from the body such as breast-pads, cloth menstrual pad, and the stay-dry inner lining in baby nappies.


Polar fleece: these are soft, light, warm, and comfortable fabric with a good absorbent rate. It is a breathable fabric used in making hats, jackets, sweaters, cloth nappies, blankets, and high-performance outdoor clothes.


French Terry Fleece: it is a soft, luxurious material that has loops on one side and a pile of yarn on the other side. This feature of this material makes it a suitable fabric for bathrobes, towels, and sweatshirts.


Sherpa fleece: these are 100% lightweight, fluffy, and water-resistant fabric used as inner lining in jackets and pet beds to add warmth to them.



Characteristic of fleece fabrics

Fleece fabrics, whether natural or synthetic have lots of good quality properties that endear them to garment makers. Some of their features are:

  • They are soft, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • They come in different thickness that dictates their flexibility. The sizes are 100, 200 and 300 with 300 having the least flexibility.
  • They are hydrophobic and hold up to 1% of its weight when immersed in water.
  • It retains its thermal property even when wet.
  • It is machine washable and dries super-fast.
  • Fleece is a good alternative for individuals that are allergic or sensitive to wool.
  • Fleece is very fuzzy but it is not flammable, it will, however, melt in when exposed to high heat.
  • The static electricity of fleece fabric makes them attract dirt, pet hair, and lint.

Fleece fabric is very comfortable fabrics that have found their ways into the fashion world because of their texture and durability. iFabric is one company dedicated to providing you with the best quality fleece fabric for that perfect garment. Visit our website today, www.ifabric.com , to stay warm and cozy.


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