Bridal Satin Fabric

Bridal Satin Fabric



iFabric offers an impressive collection of elegant Bridal satin Fabric for all your special occasions. Made from 100 percent polyester, our bridal satin collection has a beautiful luster perfect for wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding decorations, table decor, linings, and more!



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If you want to steal the spotlight on the occasion of your wedding, bridal satin fabrics are one of the best materials to give you that elegant and glamorous look on your special day. Whether for luxurious brides wear or stylish gowns for the bridesmaids, our collection of bridal satin fabric will add a touch of grandeur to your event. This fabric is also excellent for wedding decorations.






Bridal satin as the name implies is a satin weave fabric with a distinctive glossy surface and a dull back. Our collection of bridal satin fabric is available in a wide range of bright colors to suit your wedding theme with perfection. You can choose from colors such as violet, Tiffany, fuchsia, ivory, violet, silver, red, pink, hunter green, burgundy, and so on. We also have lilac, white, peach, lime, yellow gold, light blue, black, and brown bridal satin fabric.



Bridal Satin Fabric




This fabric is not only glamorous but also have a full body and soft texture for durability and comfort.





Our high-quality bridal satin fabric is perfect for breathtaking wedding and reception decorations including tablecloths, toppers, and runners. You can also use this fabric for the event decor of your formal events. Whether you are planning an industry awards night, a private office party, or annual conference, bridal satin is an ideal material to give your event a luxurious and upbeat appeal.



Bridal satin does even more...



You can also use our bridal satin fabric for a wide range of apparel constructions including athletic shorts, satin baseball jackets, blouses, evening wear, nightwear, and lingerie. Bridal satin can also be used for neckties, shirts, and even men's boxer shorts, as well as for making pointe shoes used in ballet.



Bridal Satin Fabric



What’s more, iFabric's assortment of top quality and affordable bridal satin is also suitable for interior decorations, bed sheets, and upholstery. There is so much you can do with bridal satin, and you will never go wrong if you are the creative type.




This fabric is made from 100 percent polyester and has a bright and beautiful sheen that makes it glamorous and regal. It is durable, long-lasting, and also surprisingly affordable. The fabric is sold as one continuous piece. Order in bulk to enjoy discounts and free shipping.


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