Velvet Fabric

What is Velvet Fabric ?

Velvet is a unique type of fabric with woven tufted threads giving it a distinct, soft feel. This Velvet fabric is woven to silky smooth perfection. Velvet can be used for upholstery and fashion. It’s excellent for creating stylish evening wear, dance costumes, and much more. Choose from our selection of solids, stretch, and wavy-velvet flocking, sold by the yard.



iFabric offers a fascinating collection of high-quality velvet fabrics to help you make a bold fashion statement. Our grand selection of velvet fabrics of different colors and designs is the perfect textile to take your style to the next level.



Velvet Fabric



For centuries, velvet has been known to be a choice attire among royalty and the nobility, and a few yards of the most quality silk velvets can cost as much as thousands of dollars today.


At iFabric, we know our customers love the glamorous and good life, and we are passionate about helping you get into the spotlight without breaking the bank. Our velvet fabrics are top quality but also unbelievably affordable. The sensuous, luxurious, and elegant feel of the fabric not only dazzles but perfectly accentuates your form with confidence and poise.



iFabric offers three types of velvet fabrics for all your clothing and upholstery needs. And the best thing about velvet is that it’s perfect for all the seasons. Whether in winter or summer, its surely going to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your wardrobe. For a grand entry into an event venue, a velvet gown sets you apart from the crowd.



Velvet Fabric



Our luxurious Velvet Stretch fabric is available in a variety of adorable colors. The fabric features a soft velvet top and stretches in all directions. Made from polyester and Spandex for durability and stretchability, iFabric Velvet Stretch Fabric is perfect for glamorous clothing and fashion products. It is an excellent fabric for evening wear, active wear, pants, skirts, dresses, among others.



Our Triple Velvet Fabric is an ultra-plush, non-stretch velvet used for special occasions. For a touch of royalty, use our high-quality Triple Velvet Fabric for weddings, evening wear, dresses, and others. It can also be used for making shoes, clutches, handbags, and purses that stand out. This fabric also works perfectly for furniture and upholstery as cushion covers, throw pillows, ottomans, bean bags, among others.



The Triple Velvet Fabric is made from a blend of Acetate and Nylon.



Velvet Silk Fabric 

Velvet Silk Fabric


Our Velvet Flocking Fabric features a flocked surface that adds texture and accent to the surface to make it more luxurious and long-lasting. This non-stretch fabric is made from 100 per cent polyester and is perfect for clothing, fashion accessories, and upholstery uses. For your special occasion attires, high-end shoes, bags, and purses, as well as elegant furniture and upholstery covers, our Velvet Flocking Fabric is an excellent fabric for adding style and elegance to your wardrobe and interior decor.



iFabric's collection of high-quality velvet fabrics are durable, long-lasting and affordable. You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit all your apparel, upholstery, and accessory needs. All fabrics are sold by the yard in continuous lengths. We offer great discounts and free shipping when you buy in bulk.



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