Flannel Fabric

Flannel is a softly woven fabric that features multiple fineness prints. Flannel Fabric was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is currently produced from wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. Our double-napped fabric is commonly used to make tartan clothing, blankets, bed sheets, and sleepwear.

Flannel Fabric: Quality Soft Woven Fabric

Being originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, Flannel is soft woven fabric. Flannel fabric is mostly used in making tartan wears, pajamas or other sleeping wears, blankets and bed sheets. Also, Flannel shirts are often used to refer to a tartan patterned shirt. Traced to be of a Welsh origin, the Flannel fabric gradually replaced older Welsh plain fabrics in the 17th century.


Flannel Fabric


With the spread of carding mills, which was very helpful in spinning the wool, Flannel fabric production increased and cut largely across local communities.


The differences in the grade of raw wool used in the early days of Flannel production differentiated the fineness of the Flannel fabric from one locality to another. However these days, Flannel fabric’s color is highly dependent on the dye color being used in its production.


Also while the early days of Flannel production used staple wool in its production, these days there are more and more mixtures of silk and cotton in Flannel production. Also some Flannel fabrics are being made from synthetic fiber.


The Flannel fabric can be brushed to help raise fine fibers off in order to form a nap on either or both sides of the fabric; it can be left un-brushed. Flannel fabric can be woven into a twill or plain weave, both of which are hidden by brushing up of the fabric into a nap on one or both sides. After napping the fabric, the next step is to dye it into various attractive colors before going on to brush it up once again.


Flannel Fabric


Flannel being associated with plaid, has been the reason for the general misconception of either referring to Flannel as plaid, or vice versa. This also forms the basis of people largely referring to tartan patterned shirts as Flannel shirts.

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iFabric’s Flannel fabric is very good for quilting and can be mixed with other cotton fabric.iFabric’s Flannel fabric comes in different types which includes; Sweet Pea Flannel Tossed Leaves, Sweet Pea Flannel Tufted Swirls, Sweet Pea Flannel Confetti Dots, Buffalo Check Flannel and Comfy Flannel Fabric sunshine among others.


All these different Flannel fabric types comes in various sizes and colors, and are well designed to give you a very good look and make your event not just attract, but a very memorable one. iFabric’s Flannel fabric is a
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Flannel Fabric


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