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iFabric presents the Scrap Piece Fabrics Box! The piece box is a combination of all various sorts of texture that didn't pass our rigid quality investigation.

iFabric Scraps


This can be because of a few reasons: 

Assembling deformity: there are Things that happen during the assembling cycle of the texture. This can be a tangle or pull on one of the strings or different imperfections that doesn't meet through our investigation assessment.

Returns: Certain textures requested may not be actually what the client may need. At the point when a client starts a return and sends it back, Often Fabrics can't be exchanged as they are Customized Products and cut in the yardage the customer ordered to the clients needs.

Not sold: a few textures are not as famous and might be left over from past seasons. These things are presently accessible as a feature of our piece box assortments.

Scrap Fabrics Sold By The Box and non refundable.

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