Muslin Fabric

  • Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric (124" Wide ) $8.99 / Yard SALE
  • Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric (60" Wide ) $4.99 / Yard SALE
  • Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric (90" Wide ) $5.99 / Yard SALE

Our Muslin fabric features a cotton or cotton/polyester blends that are plain woven in different thread counts. The inexpensive fabric is typically natural in color but can also be bleached white. The fabric is used for a range of uses and is more ideal for class projects given that it’s very economical.


Muslin is an ancient fabric that continues to serve different purposes from domestic to fashion, theatrical, and industrial uses. Originally from Bangladesh, this beloved fabric has been around since the 9th century and is one of the most coveted items for new parents.


Muslin Fabric


iFabric provides high-grade muslin from 100 percent cotton fabric. This multi-purpose fabric is a favorite among pattern fitters and quilters who use it as backing fabrics for quilts. Muslin can also be used to make bandanas, pillowcases, and bed sheets. It also works perfectly for painted backdrops and aisle runners. It is durable, and easy to work with.


Muslin in the home comes handy for cleaning any discharge from your newborn and is perfect for a practical and easy-to-make screen for breastfeeding your child discreetly. It can also be used to dust up kitchen and living room surfaces as well as glass and windows to a shine. It is an excellent gift wrapper and shoe shiner, as well as an effective delivery medium for menthol when you have nasal congestion. 


Muslin Fabric


In the kitchen, muslin can be used to make cheese, squeeze lemons, DIY teabags, and remove excess moisture out of vegetables. It can also be used to wash or exfoliate your face and lips. You can even use muslin as an air freshener by applying some scent on it and hang somewhere obscure such as the wardrobe or bathroom to give your home a nice aroma. 


Additionally, muslin plays a vital role in home decor. It can be used to create dramatic backdrops in your home and is perfect when used as floral treatments and wall coverings, divider, and accent curtains, or drapery for ceilings and walls. 


In photography, muslin is used for creating beautiful photography backdrops that can be adjusted with ease while it is used in theatre for set design including props, backgrounds, and stage flats. 


Muslin's diversity doesn’t stop there. The fabric can also be used for underwear, linings, aprons, shirts, dresses, and furniture coverings.


Muslin Fabric Bag


iFabric Muslin fabric is sold by the yard and has a width of 60". Buy up to 10 yards to enjoy great discounts.


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