Ostrich Vinyl Fabric

  • Black Ostrich Vinyl Black Ostrich Vinyl $13.99 / Yard SALE
  • Brown Ostrich Vinyl Brown Ostrich Vinyl $13.99 / Yard SALE
  • Burgundy Ostrich Vinyl Burgundy Ostrich Vinyl Out of stock SALE
  • Cement Ostrich Vinyl Cement Ostrich Vinyl $13.99 / Yard SALE
  • Red Ostrich Vinyl Red Ostrich Vinyl Out of stock SALE
  • White Ostrich Vinyl White Ostrich Vinyl $13.99 / Yard SALE

Ostrich Vinyl Fabric



Ostrich Vinyl fabric is a durable faux leather made from vinyl to mimic the look and feel of real ostrich hide with a unique pattern of follicles and quill bumps like you see on real ostrich leather.




Made from 100 percent PVC for softness and comfort with polyester backing for increased durability and longevity, our Ostrich vinyl fabric is high quality, long-lasting, affordable, and low maintenance.



iFabric Ostrich Vinyl fabric comes with a fashionable and stylish glossy finish at the top, making it an excellent substitute for real ostrich leather for a fraction of the price. This enduring leather is perfect for a wide range of uses including home and commercial upholstery, costumes, fashion accessories, automobile interior decor and more!



Ostrich Vinyl Fabric




Our Ostrich Vinyl fabric is excellent for upholstery projects such as bar and restaurant seats, headboards, throws, pillows, and others. It’s also great for fashion purses, bags, luggage, belts, wallets, shoes, and hats. This 100 percent PVC Ostrich Vinyl is also suitable for making gun holsters, gun cases, wine carriers, suitcases, automotive seats and interior decoration, motorcycle seats, and boat seats among others. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, making it an excellent choice for seats inside and outside booths.



iFabric Ostrich Vinyl is exceptionally durable and tough and has a striking resemblance to real leather. It is mildew and cold crack resistant.



Choose from our collection of superior performance Ostrich Vinyl fabric that is available in a variety of colors such as white, black, red, brown, and cement colors. Wipe off the surface to clean the fabric. It is sold by the yard in continuous lengths.


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