Waterproof Fabric

What is Waterproof Fabric Exactly ?


Made from very unique Synthetic Poly Duck fibers, our outdoor waterproof fabrics add the splendor of your interiors to your outdoor space. Give your garden a personal touch with these fabulous waterproof fabrics that are decorative and able to give your outer space a little luster. The colors are fade resistant to the harsh condition of the sun. It is also Anti-UV and 100% Waterproof.


Waterproof Fabric


iFabric provides a wide range of top quality waterproof fabric for all your indoor and outdoor waterproofing needs. Our selection of waterproof fabric includes the Solid Waterproof, Chevron Waterproof, Moroccan Waterproof, Stripes Waterproof, and the Solution Dyed Acrylic Waterproof fabrics.
Our selection of waterproof fabric is ideal for general canvas usage as well as various indoor and outdoor purposes. Highly durable and long-lasting, iFabric  assortment of waterproof fabric is not only waterproof, but are also resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and soil. Our waterproof fabric is non-stretch, easy to clean and also low maintenance.


Solid Waterproof Fabric 

Our collection of solid waterproof fabric includes various colors such as yellow, white, tan, turquoise, royal blue, and red. We also have navy, lime, ivory, orange, sand, rust, black and gray solid waterproof canvas denier fabric among others.


iFabric Solid waterproof fabric is ideal for a diverse range of uses. They can be used for indoor decors such as making cushions, chair pads, bean bags, and toss pillows. For the outdoors, they can be used for making durable machine covers, boat covers, patio decors such as upholstery, lounge chairs, curtains, pillows, slipcovers, and others. It can also be used for making purses, tote bags, as well as heavy-duty travel bags. It is especially ideal for lining purses and bags as it’s easy to clean and waterproof. 


Our 60" wide Waterproof Solid Canvas Denier fabric will make a pleasing and attractive addition to your outdoor lounge cushions, umbrellas, awnings, and many other indoor and outdoor uses. 


Chevron Waterproof Fabric 

Our premium waterproof Chevron Canvas Denier fabric is highly durable and cost-effective fabric for all your outdoor decor. Select from our white and gray, white and red, or brown and light brown as well as many other waterproof chevron fabrics for all your outdoor upholstery including outdoor umbrellas, pillow cases, outdoor furniture, boat covers, lounge cushions, etc. Our waterproof chevron fabric is resistant to stain and the elements. Its zigzag design provides a comforting aura to your outdoor space, making it the best place to be. 


Chevron Waterproof Fabric


Moroccan Canvas Waterproof Outdoor Fabric  


Our collection of Moroccan Print Canvas Waterproof outdoor fabric is one of the most beautiful fabrics you can find on the market. Its unique Moroccan mosaic design makes it an excellent material for outdoor uses such as patio and poolside upholstery, drapery, lounge cushions, outdoor covers for boats, machines, and even automobiles. It can also be used for umbrellas, bags and many other functions where waterproofing and aesthetics are important. Our Moroccan Canvas is 100 percent polyester and 100 percent waterproof. It is non-stretch and 60" wide. 


Stripes Waterproof

Our collection of stripe waterproof canvas is perfect for a wide range of outdoor uses. Whether for upholstering your patio furniture, throw pillows, bags, purses, and much more, our high quality, waterproof, mildew, and mold resistant stripe canvas fabric offers maximum utility for all your needs. 


Stripes Waterproof


Solution Dyed Acrylic Waterproof Fabric 

Our Solution-dyed acrylic waterproof fabric is not only water-resistant, but also stain and mildew resistant, and super easy to clean. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our solution dyed acrylic waterproof fabric is ideal for upholstery projects, cushions, pillows, porch decor, boat covers and interiors, gazebos, and umbrellas. 


These fabrics are highly resistant to the elements as the manufacturing process makes it durable, non-fading, and easy to clean. 


All our waterproof fabrics are of the highest quality and are sold by the yard. Our prices are affordable, and we also offer mouthwatering discounts and free shipping when you buy in bulk.


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