Lame Fabric

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What Exactly is Lame Fabric ?


Our collection of lame fabric is lightweight and comes with a nylon filament which creates a shiny, luminous effect. Featuring 51% Metallic Polyester and 49% Nylon, this fabric is great for costumes, home decor, clothing, and all sorts of accessories.

Lame is a shiny metallic fabric that is commonly used for glamorous clothing, accessories such as bags, purse, and shoes, as well as upholstery.



Lame is often made by combining metallic fabric with a filler fabric such as polyester or nylon which are then woven together to form a shiny fabric of immense lightness.


While lame Fabric contains metallic fabric, its actually not metallic 100 percent but metal coated yarn fibers or plastic. Our collection of lame fabric contains 51 percent metallic polyester and 49 percent nylon.


Lame Fabric


We have the silver and gold lame fabric of high quality which is perfect for costumes, clothing, home decor and others. Lame is usually used for making bright clothing, which is why it’s so popular for making dance costumes, theatrical wear, and curve-accentuating evening dresses. Apart from clothing uses, lame fabric can also be used to make the trim on bridesmaid's dresses and formal wears.


It can also be used to create non-clothing items including tablecloths for home decor. It’s ideal to combine lame with dark or neutral colors such as white or black to contrast its very bright colors. Our lame fabric goes for $4.99 per yard, but mouth-watering discounts are available when you buy up to 10 yards or more. The fabrics are 45" wide and can be hand washed or dry cleaned easily.


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