Faux Fake Fur Animal Print Long Pile Fabric

Faux Fake Fur Animal Print Long Pile Fabric


iFabric offers an impressive collection of beautiful animal print fabrics that are highly durable, affordable, and incredibly similar to the real animal fur in design and feel. You can choose from different colors and designs of our animal fur collection for a wide range of uses. 




Our collection of animal print long faux fur fabric is available in different colors and designs including the Purple Alaskan Huskies Faux fur fabric, the Blue Faux feathered fur fabric, the black and white faux feathered fur, aubergine violet ray faux feathered fur fabric, as well as the brown and gray faux feathered fur fabrics among others. 


Faux Fake Fur Animal Print Long Pile Fabric


All our animal print faux fur fabrics are made from 100 percent synthetic material, making them highly durable, long lasting and affordable. These fabrics are easy to work with, low maintenance, and sturdy. You are definitely going to enjoy them.



iFabric's collection of animal prints long is ideal for many purposes from clothing to footwear, fashion accessories, home decor, upholstery, and many others. Whether to accentuate your personal space, add some vibrancy to your furniture, or create a rich contrast in your interior decor, these beautiful prints turn out excellently well no matter how you use them.



Animal prints can be used to add a country feel to your kitchen. Whether as a tabletop cleaner, curtain, or table runner, our animal prints can add a rustic appeal to your contemporary kitchen. 


Faux Fake Fur Animal Print Long Pile Fabric



You can also use our animal print fabrics to add a simple color scheme to your space without overcrowding the room. Animal print treatments on the window walls and flooring can add so much polish and elegance to your interior décor without hurting the eyes. 


If you are the creative type, you can choose from our collection of animal prints to create breathtaking artwork pieces. It may be adding a combination of animal print fabrics to a frame in your living room, as a background to a picture of the countryside, or as a wrapping for a vase of flower and others. 



These animal prints can also be used to create a glamorous appeal in your home decor by using it for your area rugs, furniture covers, throw pillows, bean bags, side chairs, and everything in between.



Due to its warmth and mesmerizing designs and patterns, animal print long faux fur fabric is an excellent material for blankets, designer coats, and other types of warm clothing. It is also used extensively for making bags, boots, purses, and other fashion accessories. 


You can choose from our wide range of high-quality animal print fabrics for all your home decor, creative and apparel needs. It is durable, long-lasting and highly affordable. The fabric is 60" wide and made from 100 percent synthetic material. We offer huge discounts and free shipping when you buy in bulk.


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