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Poly cotton (polyester and cotton) is simply a blend of cotton and polyester material commonly used to make clothes and bed sheets. The fabric is cozy and durable with a variety of applications. Notably, poly-cotton fabrics don’t cling to the body as pure cotton does. A poly-cotton dress is woven to allow easy air circulation, hence helping you stay cooler compared to the thicker pure cotton material. Chairs, napkins, tablecloths, undergarments, crafts, couches, pillowcases, as well as car seat covers are all made of cotton-poly blends. Our poly-cotton fabric is available in various colors, printed patterns and water repellent finishes.

Add color and glamor to your life with our wide range of poly cotton fabric which is ideal for making trendy fitting shirts, cool bed sheets, and upscale furniture covers.


Poly cotton Fabric is a combination of polyester and cotton, resulting in a comfortable and highly durable sewing material. This combination is lighter than pure cotton fabric, does not cling to the body, and promotes greater circulation of air, which makes it the perfect bed sheet material. Poly cotton has a diverse range of uses, and our collection is available in difference printed patterns, colors, and water repellent finishes. 



poly cotton fabric



Fabric poly cotton can be used for chairs, couches, napkins, undergarments, tablecloths and crafts. They can also be used to make pillowcases and car seat covers and many other products. 


Our poly cotton collection includes the butterfly, bandana and star, cotton blend, checkered, flower, and heart poly cotton prints. We also have the polka dot, fruits and vegetables, striped, gingham, zebra, chevron, and pattered poly cotton prints. 


The gingham, striped, and checkered poly cotton prints are great for making shirts which do not cling to the body, allowing the circulation of air which helps keep you cool. Poly cotton shirts also don’t get as wrinkled as cotton shirts and can withstand the elements better, making them the preferred material for uniforms. 


The Butterfly print is ideal for dresses, blouses, and linings. You can use the Fruits and Vegetable prints for aprons and bags, and as covering for kitchen items. 



poly cotton fabric



The Bandana and Stars print is the preferred fabric for making bandanas, handkerchiefs and napkins. Flower prints perfectly suit the role of floral dresses and gowns for a quick walk to the mall or for lounging with friends in the warm summer evening breeze. The patterned prints will work nicely for denim and tracksuits and other such apparels.


Poly cotton can also work wonders for residential and automobile upholstery. They are used extensively for car seat covers due to their durability which makes them withstand dirt and debris and keeps them in top shape for longer. They are also water repellant, and some can even be protective against sunlight. Poly cotton blends are also ideal for chairs, couches, and ottomans as well as other types of furniture that require a fabric covering. 


Most especially, poly cotton fabrics are the preferred choice of quilters because it's sturdier and easier to work on than pure cotton and can be washed easily. One other great reason why poly cotton is popular is that it requires almost no ironing after washing as it doesn’t wrinkle like cotton. 


In fact, there is so much you can do with poly cotton as long as you are creative. From curtains, clothing, pillowcases, thread catchers, mug rugs, and even utility rugs!


With premium-grade poly cotton from iFabric, you can churn out a diverse range of fabulous designs for your kitchen, furniture, and wardrobe. It doesn’t get any better! 


Our poly cotton fabrics are made with high quality 65 percent polyester and 35 percent US cotton. Each fabric has a length of 60 inches. They are available in various colors and designs and are highly affordable. Discounts are available when you buy up to 10 yards.


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