Fitted Tablecloth

Traditionally, snug tablecloths were used merely for merch exhibitions and trade shows in fairs around the country. A fitted tablecloth would cover the entire rectangular table and its legs, giving a solid strong base to the perched items on top to stand out and attract attention of customers. Today, however, fitted tablecloths are an everyday occurrence. They are almost as popular as any other table runner, this includes satin table cloth or polyester table skirt. Fitted tablecloths give a nice, clean cut and edgy vibe to the furniture. This makes them perfect to be used not only for wedding parties and banquets but also for use in restaurants, offices and households.


 Fitted Tablecloth


Buy Fitted Tablecloths Online for Your Household Parties




A polyester fitted table cover is not just used to add a dash of freshness or vibrancy in your environment- even though that is a solid reason to use one. A fitted tablecloth would protect your new wooden table form any scratch if you are using it at home for an outdoor party or something. On occasions like these, when you have huge gathering around, naturally you would want a display table customized according to the party theme. If it’s a buffet setting, and foods and drinks are involved, there is a high chance of liquid and food spillage. We all know once the wooden top table is stained, it is difficult to revive it to its original state. That is where fitted tablecloths enter.


The fitted tablecloths available at iFabric are a standard 6” size and would fit any standard banquet table. They snug right over the table to cover it completely; are easy to wash and quick to dry. So, once you have covered your table with one of these polyesters fitted tablecloth, you can be sure that you are in for a smooth ride.



Fitted Tablecloths for Office Use


A polyester table cover that snugs your wooden table well is ideal to be used in offices. You can either use these table covers for banquet tables in your coffee room or they can very well be used for meeting rooms as well. A white fitted tablecloth would bring in a sober and polished look to a meeting room. Also, if you work in an environment that involves drafting, sketching or anything really involving a steady table, a fitted tablecloth would make an excellent choice as compared to other table runners. Since you know there will be no uncalled-for movement with a fitted tablecloth.


Fitted Tablecloths for Banquets and Wedding Parties


Fitted Tablecloth


Fitted tablecloths make for excellent table covers to conceal old rugged and roughly handled furniture. Whether it is a banquet you are arranging or a wedding party, make sure you have a couple of these ready to go in your inventory.


The fitted tablecloths available online at iFabric are made of polyester. The fabric is cost-effective and can stand wear and tear of time. Also, the fabric is machine washable and dries quickly, making it ideal for professional event creation companies.


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