Minky Fabric

Silky and luxurious, iFabric’s Minky fabric mimics the real mink on touch and look. Our Minky fabric is available in colorful solids, animal prints, rose swirls, dots and stripes for making baby blankets, bedding, apparel, cozy robes, quilt backings, toys, stuffed animals, baby clothing and just about any baby accessory.  This fabric comes in various colors, textures, and patterns of dots and stripes to beautifully embossed prints.

iFabric collection of Minky fabric combines luxury and functionality that rivals the look and feel of the real mink. We have a large collection of Minky fabrics with a diverse range of colors, textures, and patterns. Minky fabric simulates the soft and cuddly fur of the mink. It is the preferred fabric for baby products such as baby blankets, apparel, burp clothing, quilt works, stuffed animals, baby clothing, bedding, cozy robes and everything in between.


Minky Solid 


iFabric has three collections of super cuddly Minky fabric including the Minky Solid, Minky Rosebud, and Minky Dimple Dot. 


Minky Solid


Minky Rosebud Fabric Select from our super soft collection of Minky Solid fabric for all your baby apparel, blankets, accessories, and quilt work. It is an ultra-soft and comfortable fabric available in beautiful colors such as light pink, purple, sage, red, orange, navy blue, black, lilac and many other adorable baby-friendly colors.
They are the go-to fabric for cuddly animals such as teddy bears and can help transform an ordinary pair of slippers into some seriously comfortable pair of wheels.


Minky solid fabric can also be used as infant washcloths. Their soft texture is gentle and soothing on the baby’s tender skin and makes bath time more pleasurable. That's a great baby shower gift idea right there! 


iFabric Minky Solids are made from 100 -percent polyester and have a slight stretch. They are sold in continuous yards at $7.99 per yard. Buy up to 10 yards to enjoy huge discounts


Minky Rosebud Fabric 


Minky Rosebud Fabric


If your creative juices are flowing, you could make almost anything out of our Minky Rosebud fabric. Rosebuds are the perfect material for doll hairs. The rosebud texture makes it ideal for making pillowcases, cushions, parchment works, hats and scarves, and stuffed animals etc. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful colors including silver, orange, light pink, hot pink, turquoise, royal blue and so much more. 


Our Minky Rosebud fabric is sold in continuous yards at $9.99 per yard, but you can get discounts when you buy 10 yards and above. 


Minky Dimple Dots 


iFabric Minky Dimple Dot fabric is also an ultra-soft and cuddly material that can be used for a diverse array of purposes. Its raised dot pattern makes it comfortable and perfect for making baby clothing, baby blankets, costumes, toys, stuffed animals, throw blankets and so on. It can also be used to make soft and comfortable bedding for your pooch or cat to give your favorite animal a cozy place to snuggle. 


Minky Dimple Dots


iFabric Minky Dimple dot fabric is also sold by the yard at $8.99, and you could receive huge discounts when you order 10 yards and above.


Minky fabrics are just superb. They can also be used to make bags, wallets, and purses and creatively used to make contrasting accent pieces for unique home decor. They can as well serve as an iconic backdrop in baby photography, providing a luxurious context and easing the baby to sleep on account of its super cuddly texture. 


Our Minky fur can be dry washed and are super affordable. They are made from 100 percent polyester, are easy to maintain, and of high quality. You can choose from a vast number of colors and designs for all your baby clothing, baby products, and home décor needs among others.


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