Faux Fake Fur (Long Pile)

What is Faux Fake Fur (Long Pile) Fabric ?

iFabric presents Faux Fake Fur Long Pile Fabric which features a large selection of colors and designs crafted to simulate animal far. Faux Fake Fur Pile Fabrics are designed to have a soft, warm and lush feel and look of the real faux fur. It can be used for blankets, coats, bags, boots and much more.



Faux Fake Fur

Faux fur is the product of decades of struggle against the killing of animals for fashion items. Faux fur is fake fur of animals such as wolves, mink, raccoon, bear, and mongoose but you may never be able to see the difference as there are now high-quality, faux fake fur pile fabrics that simulate the soft, warm, and lush feel of real fur with perfection.



Faux fur pile fabric is made using polymeric fibers that undergo processing and dying before cutting to imitate a specific fur texture and color.



Faux Fake Fur



Are you up for the ultimate fashion statement? iFabric's collection of faux fur long pile fabric will give you the sophisticated appeal of high society women with different styles and designs to turn up your fashion sense.
iFabric offers a wide range of faux fur of diverse colors and patterns for all your fashion needs. In terms of aesthetics and comfort, our faux fur is second to none.



Faux fur is perfect for a diverse number of uses. They are the perfect material for making some of the softest blankets that offer warmth and unparalleled comfort. Whether on the mattress, sofa, couch or the floor, our large collection of faux fur will perfectly complement your interior decor to give it a polished and inviting aura. 



Faux fur is also great for coats. Just like the bear's fur keeps it warm during the biting cold of the winter, our faux fur collection is excellent for every type of coat, providing style and utility at affordable rates. 



Faux Fake Fur



Check out our Solid Mongolian, Brick Rectangle, Striped Shaggy, Wave Fur, Animal Print, and Versicolor Long Faux fur options. 



Whether for interior decoration, stylish bags, high-end designer boots, customized bean bags and pillows, and so much more, iFabric has the perfect faux fur for all your creative and fashion needs. 



Our faux fur is sold by the yard at $32.49 per yard, and there are great discounts when you buy up to 10 yards or more. The material is 100 percent synthetic. When you buy your Faux fur from iFabric, rest assured you are buying only synthetic fur made under ethical conditions. 


Faux fur became popular as a fashion item to counter the negative effects of real fur on animals and the environment in general. Now you can adorn some of the best fashion items without feeling guilty of promoting cruelty to animals. We have a diverse range of faux fur (long pile) of different colors, designs, and patterns to get your fashion sense in overdrive. Whether as a clothing, accessory, or interior decoration, faux fur offers a touch of class and finesse you can’t find in any other fabric. Wouldn’t you rather be stylish?



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