Minky Rosebud Fabric

Minky Rosebud Fabric


iFabric provides a beautiful collection of high-quality Minky Rosebud fabric for a wide range of purposes. This 100 percent polyester fabric is available in an assortment of colors and textures for a variety of domestic and creative uses. 


Our beautiful collection of ultra-soft Minky Rosebud fabric is excellent for making baby accessories such as crib sheet, textured blankets, stuffed toys and home decor. 


Minky Rosebud


Minky Rosebud fabric is so-called because of its swirled design which resembles Rosebuds. The fabric is incredibly soft and cuddly, and this is the reason why it’s the preferred fabric for baby apparel, bed covers, baby blankets, and so much more. Due to its thickness, Minky Rosebud fabric is an excellent fabric for layering warm clothing. It is also ideal for craft projects where you need a Minky texture. 


Whether for baby apparel, home decor, quilts, furniture covers, or warm apparel, you can select from iFabric's impressive collection of low maintenance and affordable Minky Rosebud fabric for all your projects.


Our Minky Rosebud fabric is designed for maximum comfort and durability. It is easy to work with, easy to wash, and long-lasting. This nonfraying Minky fabric is the perfect choice if you need a machine washable fabric that is suitable for a wide range of uses. 



If you want to make warm, textured socks for your kids, our Minky Rosebud fabric is a perfect choice. With its beautiful Rosebud pattern, our Minky Rosebud fabric is ideal for making stuffed toys such as teddy bears and dolls as well as many animal toys.


You can also make your baby a textured play blanket using our collection of Minky Rosebud fabric. You can combine different colors of the fabric to make an attractive and comfortable, multi-patterned play blanket where your child can have fun. 


Minky Rosebud


iFabric's Minky Rosebud fabric is great for making comfy pet beds that give your companion animal a luxurious resting space. Whether as a complete pet bed sheet or washable bed cover, our textured and comfortable Minky Rosebud fabric will provide your favorite animal comfort and warmth. 



Because of its beautiful design and soft texture, iFabric's Minky Rosebud fabric is an excellent choice for photographic backgrounds. It is especially great for creating ideal backdrops during newborn photography sessions. The soft texture keeps the baby calm, and the beautiful designs make for a breathtaking background.



You can also use this fabric for home decor purposes such as beautifully patterned plush pillows and bedspreads, cushion covers, bean bags, and snugly covers for footstools, chests, and throws to give your home decor a cuddly and warm appeal. Minky is also ideal for making warm robes, loungewear, and casual outfits to weather the chilly winter months or hang out with friends in the cold summer evenings. 


Our Minky Rosebud fabric is suitable for almost anything you can think of. It is sold by the yard and comes in 60" width. The material is 100 percent polyester, which makes it easy to clean and wrinkle-free. It has a slight stretch and an ultra-soft texture that’s so cuddly and beautiful. You can wash in cold water and dry either by machine or hang to dry. We offer generous discounts when you buy up to 10 yards and free shipping when you buy up to $100 worth of fabric.


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