Minky Dimple Dot Fabric

Minky Dimple Dot

iFabric's collection of cuddly Minky Dimple Dot fabric will give life to your sewing fantasies. Our soft and comfy Minky Dimple Dot collection is available in a diverse range of amazing colors, designs, and patterns, and you can always choose the best fabric to suit all your needs. You can choose from a diverse array of colors for your children apparel, warm clothing, home decor accessories, and several creative projects. 


iFabric's collection of Minky Dimple Dot fabric is made from 100 percent polyester, making it sturdy and easy to wash. 


With its cuddly feel, and perfectly accented solid colors, our lightweight and machine washable Minky Dimple Dot fabric are ideal for baby apparel, comforter blankets, pillows, cushion covers, and so much more. 


Minky Dimple Dots


Because Minky fabric does not fray when cut, you can manipulate it easily to sew scarves and hats of different designs, and superb snugly feel. 


If you want to get creative with Minky dimple dot, you can use it to make interesting pieces of bags, purses, and wallets that are fashionable and tactile. 


Our Minky fabric is an excellent fabric for making textured toys due to its raised dot pattern that produces a soft and cuddly feel. Whether for animal toys, shapes, as well as many other arts and crafts projects, our soft and snugly Minky fabric will always deliver excellent results. 


You can also make warm clothing such as casuals and lounge apparel for the winter period with our Minky Dimple Dot fabric, and we promise you will enjoy the warm and cuddly feel of this amazingly soft fabric. 


Minky Dimple Dots


If you want to give your pooch or little kitten something to be glad about, why not make your favorite animal a plush bed using one or a combination of our fluffy and snugly Minky Dimple Dot fabric? It would be the best gift ever, and your loyal animal friend will love you more for that. 



From comfy baby apparel that provides warmth to cuddly crib sheets, textured animals of various shapes and sizes, warm bedspreads, play blankets, our high-quality Minky Dimple Dot fabric is perfect for all your apparel and craft making purposes.



You can also use our Minky Dimple Dot fabric to make beautiful and unique pillows, cushion covers, throws, and many other home decor accessories that your creativity can conjure up. 


There is unarguably no other fabric as soft and warm as our Minky Dimple Dot fabric, which is why it is the ideal choice when you need a comfy material to keep your baby warm, comfortable, and happy. 


Minky Dimple Dot



Fabric Minky Dimple Dot fabric is sold as a continuous piece and should only be used for indoor purposes. Due to its polyester makeup, it shouldn’t be ironed to avoid damaging the raised pattern. It is machine washable in cold water and should be tumble dried low. Our amazing collection of Minky Dimple Dot Fabric is sold by the yard, and we offer great discounts and free shipping when you buy up to 10 yards and free shipping when you order up to $100 worth of fabric.



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