what is Metallic Fabric ?

what is Metallic Fabric ?

Metallic fabrics are the preferred material for glitz and glam occasions. They are perfect for cocktail dresses, costumes, and a wide range of astonishing, show-stopping apparel favored by celebrities. These fabrics contain a high amount of metallic yarn, giving them a shiny and metallic appearance that combines style with sophistication.


Our range of high-quality metallic fabric includes lame, foil spandex fabric, metallic Spandex fabric, Mermaid Hologram Spandex fabric, metallic sequin fabric, and metallic glitter vinyl fabric. You can choose from our broad range of metallic fabric of different colors and designs for all your high society events.



Metallic Fabric



Our metallic fabrics are made from top quality materials to guarantee durability, longevity and enable you to derive maximum returns on investment. They are ideal for various applications from theatre costumes, glamorous party outfits, tops, gowns, swimwear, gymnastics wear, to exercise and athletic clothing, among others.


Lame fabric is an excellent material for evening wear, costumes and combines well with other fabrics as an accent. For tight-fitting outfits, our metallic spandex fabrics are great for making spectacular stretchy gowns and tops as well as sportswear and costumes. Metallic sequin fabric makes elegant table covers at high-class events such as awards ceremonies and wedding parties. Use our Mermaid Hologram Spandex fabric for sporting and athletic application as well as costumes.


Our collection of metallic fabrics are highly durable, long-lasting, and perfect for a wide range of uses. Whether for apparel, costume, decor, or accessories, you will always find the best metallic fabric in our collections.



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