Top 5 ways to add velvet in interior

Top 5 ways to add velvet in interior

Great experience, elegance, and the look of luxury are all you get using velvet in the interior. Velvet has always been a famous trend in home décor, and if you ask us, this classic trend works every time, no matter what your design aesthetic is. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your home with velvet, this article has covered the top 5 ways to add it to your interior.

Ways to add velvet to your interior:

Adding velvet to your interior can make the aesthetics of your home very appealing, and here are the ways how you can add it to your interior.

Velvet Curtains and Drapes:

It is extremely hard not to appreciate the velvet curtains because of the bold statement that they make. Whatever space they do inhabit, the velvet curtains bring a new charisma and aesthetic to the room. When you try to incorporate this window accessory, it is extremely important to keep the color of the curtains above all.
Since the velvet curtains absorb the interior light, some color selections can prove to be too overpowering if not given a thought while choosing them. Velvet curtains can very well handle soft colors and designs. Here are some of the possibilities that you could go for.

  • To add an instant pattern to your room, printed velvet curtains are the way to go. For an interesting look, you can mix printed velvet with natural kinds of cotton and linens.
  • Keeping it simple is what you need. Don’t buy too much of the fabric as you will not want them to fall in puddles on the floor. Therefore, the velvet curtains should be fitted on the ceiling and create a feeling of hardly being there.
  • Selecting the right color does half the job. Richer colors in velvet curtains look very trendy, while the soft colors are aesthetically pleasing.
  • The velvet curtains are not just limited to the living rooms or bedrooms. You can even use them in the halls or kitchens if you want to decorate them.

Velvet Ottoman:

If you want to enter velvet into small furniture territory, you can try pleated velvet ottomans. Elegance and cushiness are what a velvet ottoman will add to your décor, and it can serve as extra seating in the room you want to accommodate your guests in. This piece of furniture is a multi-purpose gym, and here are the ways how they can be used:

  • You can use a velvet ottoman as a decorative footstool in front of a sofa.
  • You can also use it as an extra seat in the room.
  • It can be used as a table as well.

Velvet Cushions:

One of the simplest and easiest ways to introduce velvet into the interior is by having velvet cushion covers. The cushion covers made using velvet fabric add a luxurious look and extra layers of lush in the room they're decorated in. However, make sure that the color of the velvet chosen contrasts with the color of the sofa covers that they are going to be placed on.

Velvet Statement Chair:

Although velvet can never go out of fashion, the lush trend that a velvet statement chair makes is always out of the question. Choosing the color of the velvet statement chair that is cohesive with your interior style is all that you have to look for to make it work. Additionally, looking at the background wall color is also an important point to choose the right color velvet for a chair.

Use it in the Bedroom:


  • Why should you leave your Bedroom behind when you decide to decorate your interior using velvet? A simple touch of velvet here and there can give your Bedroom a super luxurious look that you have always desired. Here is how you can incorporate them in your Bedroom:
  • Target your bed's headboard for an ultimately luxurious look.
  • You can also try the trendy wall décor by having velvet wall panels or velvet tapestry.
  • If this seems too much to you, use velvet as your pillowcases.
  • Upholster the bench in the room if you have any using velvet to give an amazing look.

Velvet Throws and Quilts:

To update your room, the velvet throws and quilts can do a really good job. If you have a bed that is light in color, drape the quilts and throws made of dark-colored velvet. If not, using a light-colored velvet throw and the quilt can go really well if the furniture is dark-colored.

Velvet Trends in 2021:

If you are looking for what are the ongoing velvet trends this year, we have collected the most important ones for you to work on:

  • One of the most popular velvet trends this year is using softer velvet tones. This is because it is better than the velvet blends better with the furniture rather than looking like a dominant centerpiece.
  • Instead of dark or jewel-toned velvet, the white velvet adds plush and playful accents to light and airy rooms.
  • If you still want to use dark or vibrant colors, you can use them this season with a bit of tweak. Instead of dark forest greens or blues, you can go for shades of teal, mid-blue, sage green, etc.
  • What makes velvet look beautiful is the level of contrast. If you use cotton velvet, you can make it pair with something more tactile, like chunky linen. If you use mohair, then you can pair it with a silk cushion.
  • Look for furniture that incorporates a multi-textural approach into the finish. Velvet and linen are definitely in trend this year and can pair exceptionally well.
  • The velvet sofa is one of the biggest trends this year. This smooth fabric can provide a chic and elegant look to any corner of the house. You can cover the sofa in cotton velvet and keep the legs polished in brass. Additionally, a sofa fully upholstered in cotton velvet can be furnished using nickeled nails. The main goal of the velvet sofa is to bring a sophisticated touch to the room it is decorated in.
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