what is Outdoor Fabric & Water Repellent ?

what is Outdoor Fabric & Water Repellent ?

iFabric offers a wide range of outdoor fabric and water repellant fabric to keep your outdoor furniture dry, comfortable, and protected from mold and mildew. Choose from our waterproof fabric collection such as Solid Waterproof, Chevron Waterproof, Moroccan Waterproof, Stripes Waterproof, and Solution Dyed Acrylic Waterproof fabric.



We stock high quality and affordable outdoor and waterproof fabrics for all your outdoor needs. Whether you need a waterproof roofing material for your patio, decorative materials for your outdoor chairs, waterproof screens for your bathroom and toilet, or exquisite outdoor fabric to add glitz to your garden. iFabric's collection is available in different colors, designs and patterns of high quality and affordable fabrics that will stand the test of time.



Outdoor Fabric & Water Repellant


Use our solid waterproof fabrics for a wide range of outdoor applications such as upholstery, lounge chair covers, slipcovers, throw pillows and more. It is also perfect for your outdoor lounge cushions, awnings, umbrellas, boat covers, machine covers and so on.



Chevron waterproof fabric is an excellent fabric for both indoors and outdoors use. Choose from a variety of exciting colors of waterproof chevron fabrics for your outdoor furniture, umbrellas, cushion covers, pillow cases, machine covers and others. The Chevron fabric features a beautiful zigzag design that is eye-catching and comforting.




Our Moroccan Canvas Waterproof fabrics feature a breathtaking mosaic design reminiscent of brick houses in Marrakech. Whether for outdoor upholstery, indoor waterproofing, and everything in between, these Moroccan waterproof fabrics will bring out the best in your outdoor spaces.



You can also use our Striped waterproof fabric for a wide range of interior and exterior waterproofing functions such as patio furniture, throw pillows, umbrellas and so on. Select our Solution Dyed Acrylic waterproof fabric for your outdoor upholstery projects, umbrellas, patio furniture, pool side coverings among others.



iFabric collection of outdoor and waterproof fabrics are highly affordable, durable, and high quality. These fabrics are available in spectacular colors that will transform your outside space and make it warm and welcoming.



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