What is Scuba Knit Fabric ?

What is Scuba Knit Fabric ?

What is Scuba Knit Fabric ?


Soft, stretchy, and durable, The Ivory Double Knit is 100% polyester and 100% perfect for your next project! Ideal for a number of uses, this fabric is perfect anywhere you need reliable durability without losing comfort or style. This is a great choice for anything from slacks, dresses, and suits, to sportswear and uniforms!



Scuba Double Knit Fabric 

iFabric presents the rage in the fashion and sewing world; Scuba Double Knit! 


Scuba double knit has nothing to do with the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus used for snorkeling in the pristine waters of Mauritius and Papua. Scuba is a double knit fabric which is similar to Ponte, but iFabric's collection of Scuba is 100 percent polyester. 


Scuba Knit Fabric


Over the years, scuba fabric has been featured on some of the most glamorous walkways in the world, with many top designers using it to create bespoke dresses, outlandish suits, slacks, and everything in between. 


Scuba has a slight spongy and stretchy feel but is also durable and so quality you can leave the edges without hemming as the fabric is tightly woven to prevent fraying. Our iFabric scuba knit fabric is perfect for making dresses, leggings, and dance-wear. It can also be used for sportswear, uniforms, and can be used to create beautiful designs at short notice as it is wrinkle-free and can be sewn without hemming or ironing.


Remember the nice-looking, stretchy jerseys sported by your favorite team? That is most likely scuba knit. Scuba knit is also used for dive suits, which is more in line with the traditional scuba most people know. 


Scuba Knit Fabric


iFabric offers a beautiful collection of white and black scuba double knit fabric for all your glamor dresses and other fashion needs. Scuba knit is highly durable and super easy to work on. It’s comfortable, stylish and low maintenance. Our scuba knit fabric is sold by the yard and highly affordable. You can enjoy huge discounts when you buy up to 10 yards and free shipping when you order up to $100.  


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