What is Spandex Fabric ?

What is Spandex Fabric ?

What is Spandex Fabric ?

A benefit of spandex is its significant strength, elasticity and ability to return to the original shape after stretching as well as ability to dry faster than ordinary fabrics. Spandex fabric is perfect for costumes, dance wear, swimwear, and sports apparel and workout clothes. iFabric is pleased to offer this fabric at wholesale prices and we sell by the yard.



All You Need To Know About The Spandex Fabric

Spandex also is known as Lycra is a type of fabric famous for its elastic properties as well as its durability and strength that is even stronger than that of natural rubber and due to this properties, it has been used to produce different types of clothing where stretching is required while fitting properly
for maximum comfort.


Spandex Fabric


The spandex fabric has the ability to expand as much as five times its original length when tension is applied and immediately return to its original state when that tension is removed. Spandex has commonly been used in skin-tight clothes such as leggings, skinny jeans, swimsuits, active wear and bodysuits just to name a few.



Spandex is of various types but the most common is the two-way spandex which can only be stretched to one direction (length wise or width wise both not both ways) and the four-way spandex that can be stretch both ways.

Different types of spandex fabrics

  • Solid metallic spandex fabrics: also called foil is a four-way spandex with a shiny surface that is really pleasing to the eyes with its shimmery appearance and silky smooth to the touch makes it the perfect option for costumes. Its exceptional stretching abilities make it the most suitable choice for sewing anything you wish that can capture your target audience attention.
  • Mermaid hologram spandex fabrics: this type of spandex give the illusion of a mermaid tail and due to the hologram feature, the fabric tends to change colours when it is viewed from a different angle or moved in different shades of light. It is a four-way stretch spandex making it the perfect coordinating fabric.

Fish Scale Spandex Fabric


  • Mystique swirls spandex fabrics:  breathtaking sparkle, amazing stretching properties with prints that will mesmerize your mind, this mystique swirl spandex with its vibrant appearance is absolutely perfect for costumes, dance outfits among many other options.
  • Mystique splat spandex fabric: the allure of this fabric lies in the artistic appearance of the splat design against the plain background colour making it look like a beautiful artwork.
  • Avatar tie-dye spandex fabric: made of 80%nylon and 20% spandex, the fabric has a four-way stretch property used in making dresses, accessories and even shoes. The glittery pattern gives the fabric a look of elegance and beauty that reflects all along the fine lines.

How to take proper care of the spandex fabrics

Spandex fabrics are not like any other type of fabric and although are durable needs special care to make sure it lasts longer and below are some tips on how to achieve that.

  • Always wash the fabric by hands using detergents that are not harsh or bleach.
  • Don’t wrangle the fabric or rub them together.
  • Don’t iron the fabric as spandex can’t withstand any form of heat.
  • Always let it dry out laid flat on a clean surface.

Spandex is usually mixed with other materials and is mostly found in women’s clothing and apart
from costumes, casual wears are also made from these materials.



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