What is Quilted Fabric ?

What is Quilted Fabric ?

What is Quilted Fabric ?

The Quilted Fabric is another Category of fabric that is been offered by iFabric. iFabric is a company that offers different categories of qualitative and affordable fabrics.

Add a fine finish to your quilting project with our versatile and distinct Diamond Double-Faced Quilt Fabric 60". Featuring a classic 1.5" diamond stitch design with sponge backing, and available in white and black colors, this 100% polyester double-sided quilt fabric is perfect for creating stylish bedding, quilts, and home decor accessories such astable runners and pin cushions. You can also create quiltedpouches and bags with them. The 60 inch wide fabric is machinewashable and is sold by the yard.


Quilted Fabric


Quilted Fabric is on a class of its own, all because of its quality and the amazing usages it offers. Again, the company has combined the use of quality materials with style to produce a set of fabrics that are inspired, designed and embossed with amazing quilted finishes. The quilted fabric offerings of iFabric comes in different inspiring colors and designs to meet all customer needs.




Best Usage

The quilted fabric by the yard offered by this quality conscious company are offered in white and black colors and makes for a fine finish to every of your quilting projects. The interesting thing about the quilted fabrics is how it has been engineered specially to support usage across a wide variety of products and still give each of them the professional touch, making them stylish enough to attract quality conscious customers.


Quilted Fabric


The 100% polyester double-sided quilt fabrics are excellent choices for creating stylish bedding, quilts, and home decor accessories such as pin cushions and table runners. Amazingly, you can also make pouches and bags and get them customized with quilted fabrics. The fabrics are qualitative enough to last for a very long time when used for any of these purposes.


The Quilted Fabrics offerings of iFabric are known to be generally made of excellent quality. This amazing category has been tailored down into Sub-categories so that there is a readily designed Sub-category to match your usage excellently in design, color, size and flexibility. The sub categories of quilted fabrics include:

  • Satin Quilted Fabrics
  • Vinyl Quilted Fabric

Each subcategory is carefully designed, so that it meets all the safety policies of the company and still delivers in quality and style for the different usage.





Quality Assurance

One great reason why the quilted fabrics offered by this company is scaling quickly through the market is its easy application across a wide variety of products. The quality of the fabric is top notch and certainly guarantees durability and long lasting usage. The company ensures that a high level of quality components are used during production, making them suitable for personal and commercial usage.

Among other qualities, the quilted fabrics offered by iFabric are:

  • Easily processable and moldable
  • Supports usage across a wide variety of products
  • Durable
  • Machine-washable etc.




In contrast to the quilted fabrics that may be offered by some other producers, the offerings of iFabric are flexible, impact resistant and supports personal and commercial usage. Overall, there's no quilted fabric in our today's market that can match the quality and style that this company promises.


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