what is Automotive Fabric ?

what is Automotive Fabric ?

iFabric offers a large collection of high-quality automotive fabric for a wide range of auto interior decor. Our automotive vinyl and suede fabrics are available in several OEM colors and patterns, highly durable and long-lasting and at competitive prices.


Upholstery is an important aspect of automotive interior decorations. Our OEM type automotive fabric is vinyl. We stock a large collection of vinyl fabric which offer a wide range of applications in automotive interiors. You can choose from different designs and patterns of vinyl fabric including Crocodile, Ostrich. Metallic Glitter, PVC Leather Vinyl, Spiral Sparkle, Stretch, Basket Weave, Textured PVC Leather, Semi-PU Leather, Faux Viper Sopythana Snake Skin Vinyl, and 4-Way Stretch Vinyl fabric.



Automotive Fabric


Our Vinyl fabrics are perfect for car interior upholstery such as chair covers, dash covers, roofing, door paneling, cushion covers among others. Vinyl is also great for convertible tops, landau tops, and so on. Our stock of vinyl fabric is available in a breathtaking array of designs, colors, sizes, and categories to suit all your automotive decoration needs. iFabric Vinyl fabric are highly durable, mechanically stable, resistant to oil and chemicals, and easy to use.


We also stock an awesome collection of suede fabrics for automotive interiors. Highly durable, affordable, and low maintenance, Suede fabric from iFabric is available in different colors and styles for reworking car interiors or adding flair to your vehicle.


Our Suede fabric collection come in over ten beautiful colors, are super easy to clean, and highly durable and long-lasting. All our Suede fabric are made from polyester to guarantee quality, ease of use, and affordability.


If you want your car interior looking stunning for a very long time without breaking the bank, choose from iFabric's grand collection of affordable and durable automobile fabrics.


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