What is Apparel Fashion Fabrics ?

What is Apparel Fashion Fabrics ?

iFabric offers a wide range of fabrics perfect for all kinds of apparels. From the simple, elegant, glamorous to luxurious, our collection of apparel fabrics will bring out your style and fashion sense. We provide quality and affordable fabrics for all your events, social functions, and everyday wear.


Our amazing collection of apparel fashion fabrics includes Blend Broadcloth Poly Cotton, Canvas, Chiffon, Faux Fur, Flannel, Minky, Lame, Fleece, Muslin, Organza, Polyester Solid, Satin, Scuba Knit, Velvet, Spandex, Sequin, and Vinyl, Lace.



Apparel Fashion Fabrics

 Bombshell Lace Fabric



iFabric’shigh-quality chiffon, flannel, Polyester, Satin, and Velvet are perfect for making all kinds of outfits including shirts, pants, dresses, gowns, pajamas, and others. Faux fur is ideal for making luxurious, cuddly, high society outfits of all varieties at low cost and high quality. Minky fabric is warm, cuddly, exceedingly soft, and excellent for making babies clothing and baby products, toys, blankets, and many more. Lace can be used alone or in combination with other fabrics to make luxurious bridals, elegant dresses, and high-class gowns. Satin is excellent for making accents on outfits but can also be used for glamor dresses and gowns due to its shiny surface.


For your glam and glitzy outfits, our high-quality Lame and Spandex fabrics are top on the list. Scuba knit is ideal for making jerseys while Sequin makes a powerful statement when used alone or combined with other fabrics to create fabulous gowns and dresses for high-class events. Muslin is ideal for making an inner garment of luxury apparel and vinyl is most used for waterproof clothing like raincoats and such products.



iFabric apparel fashion products are high quality, affordable, and long-lasting. No matter your preference or needs, our awesome collection of apparel fashion fabrics will bring out the best in you without leaving a hole in your pocket.


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