what is Stripe Fabric ?

what is Stripe Fabric ?

iFabric offers an excellent collection of high-quality stripe fabrics of different colors, textures, and weights. Choose from our wide range of beautiful strip materials such as Striped Poly Cotton, Stripe Satin, Stripe Waterproof, and Faux Fake Fur Striped Shaggy Long Pile fabrics. Our striped fabrics collection is excellent for a wide range of apparel, decorative, upholstery, and craft projects.



Our stock of striped poly cotton is excellent for making shirts, skirts, dresses, bedspreads, pillowcases, window treatments and more. It is durable, long lasting, versatile, and low maintenance. The fabric is available in a variety of color combinations. You can also select from our striped satin fabric for different styles and designs of outfits. The striped satin fabric is lightweight and offers excellent drape. It is ideal for dresses, blouses, skirts, binding baby blankets, and lingerie.




Stripe Fabric



iFabric also offers a large collection of Faux Fur Striped Shaggy Long pile fabric. The fabric mimics the warmth, comfort, and texture of real animal fur, but has stripes of different colors. Our striped faux fur material is perfect for warm clothing, jacket lining, shawls, blankets, bedspreads, and others. It is also appropriate for home decor such as throws, bean bags, and other trendy fashion items.



Select from our stock of Stripe waterproof fabric for an extensive range of applications like outdoor accessories, tents, machine covers, bathroom screens, ruck sacks, and more.



Our Striped fabrics are affordable, durable, and long lasting. They are suitable for a vast array of uses and will serve you for years to come.



striped cotton fabric by the yard
gold stripe fabric
striped quilting fabric
light blue and white striped fabric
multi-colored striped fabric
cabana stripe fabric
black and white striped fabric by the yard

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