what is Animal Print Fabric ?

what is Animal Print Fabric ?

Unleash your adventurous side with iFabric’s collection of exciting, stylish, and elegant animal print fabrics. Select from our vast array of animal print fabrics such as animal patterns fleece print, animal paw fleece print, animal picture fleece print, faux fur animal print and others. Our Velboa faux fur animal print is available in several patterns including the camouflage, cheetah, cow, Dalmatian dog, giraffe, leopard, puma, tiger, wild cat, and zebra animal prints.



Animal prints are the trend in home and fashion designs, and they will be for the near future. From contemporary, traditional, to the unusual, animal prints allow you to give your home decor a style that resonates your personality.



Animal Print Fabric



Animal prints such as the dog prints, paw fleece prints, and the patterns fleece prints can make your child's room more inviting and exciting. Prints depicting the big cats are ideal for flirty skirts, tops, and dresses that draw attention in a blatant but unprovocative way. If you want to hug the spotlights at your next event, make an elegant fitting dress with our tiger or cheetah animal print fabric for a show-stopping entrance at the party.


iFabric stocks a breathtaking array of animal print fabrics ideal for all your apparel, home decor, fashion, and craft projects. These fabrics are top quality, easy to work with, and affordable. If you need an animal accent in your dress or furniture, check out our selection of high-quality animal print fabrics.





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