What is Solid Fabric ?

What is Solid Fabric ?

iFabric stocks a large collection of solid fabrics in a wide range of colors, textures, and weights. Solid fabrics are one-colored materials that deliver a plain impression different from the effect of a checkered or striped fabric. They are extremely versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications from the formal to the outlandish. Whether for apparel, decoration, quilting, crafts, fashion accessories and everything in between, you can choose from our huge collection of solid fabrics for all your sewing needs.



Our collection of solid fabrics is a breathtaking array of beautiful and elegant materials of the highest quality and affordability. Select from our solid fabric collection of burlap, blackout, canvas, chiffon, Faux fur solid Mongolian Long pile, Faux fur curly Long pile, Faux fur Soild Shaggy Long pile, and Faux fur Java Frosted Mongolian Long pile fabrics for all your apparel and decorative needs.



Solid Fabric



We also stock felt, Minky, Muslin, Blend Broadcloth, Polyester, Polyester Solid Satin, Scuba Knit, Solid Metallic, Spandex, Solid Dull All over Foil Spandex, Suede Velboa Faux fur, Velvet Stretch, Velvet Flocking, Triple Velvet, and Solid Waterproof fabric.



Our exciting collection of solid fabrics are perfect for all kinds of apparel, upholstery, home and event decor, fashion accessories, quilting, and more! From formal attires to lounge wear, luxury outfits to everyday utility wear, quilting projects, party decorations, crafts, and other sewing projects, our extensive solid fabric collection has everything you need and more!



iFabric’s solid fabric stocks are high quality, durable, and competitively priced. Regardless of the event or occasion, you will find the perfect fabric for all your formal and informal functions in our beautiful collection of solid fabrics.




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