what is Quilting Fabric ?

what is Quilting Fabric ?

Quilting Fabric


Take your love of quilting to the next level with our extensive collection of high-quality quilting fabrics. Regardless of the type of quilting you do, we have a wide range of fabrics of different designs and textures to suit your preferences. Choose from beautiful fabrics such as Blend Broadcloth Poly Cotton, Butterfly Print, Muslin, Quilted fabric, 100% Cotton fabric, Minky, and Flannel.


Muslin is an excellent fabric for quilting as it is easy to work with, affordable and can even be dyed to the desired color. Cotton fabric is also perfect for quilting due to its stamina and flexibility. We offer our cotton fabric in a variety of spectacular prints, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of quilting projects.



Quilting Fabric

 Cotton Fabric


Minky is perfect for making quilting projects, especially for babies and kids due to their cuddly and warm texture and smooth inviting feel. Our Flannel and Butterfly Print fabrics come in exciting prints and patterns that make your quilting projects come alive. iFabric's Quilted fabric is ideal for any type of quilting projects from bedspreads, handbags, mats, jackets, and so on.


For all your quilting projects, choose from our broad range of quilting fabrics offered in a variety of colors and designs. These fabrics are highly durable, long-lasting, and affordable.



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