What is Embroidered Fabric ?

What is Embroidered Fabric ?

We provide an extensive collection of luxurious embroidered fabrics to add a touch of royalty to your style and events. Our stock of breathtakingly beautiful embroidered fabrics includes the elegant and delicate floral-patterned Flower and Blossom pattern Lace and the glamorous and eponymously named Beyoncé Lace. If you love showing up at your high society events in a ravishing and majestic attire, no fabric delivers like the glitzy Beyoncé Lace with its alluring luster and dazzling patterns.



Embroidery is an ancient craft that involves making floral, faunal, geometric, or religious motifs with threads and needles. Since its heyday during the height of Medieval Islamic times to the 21st century, this intricate and richly designed fabric continues to be the favorite of fashion loving women who prefer to make a grand statement with their attire.



Embroidered Fabric



Choose our floral embroidery flower and blossom fabric with delicate stitches of flowers and blossoms for gowns, dresses, blouses, and accents for all your top-class events. Our dazzling Beyoncé Lace is a showstopper any day when used to make stylish gowns, dresses, blouses, and more. If you would rather make bold statement with your outfits, these elegant fabrics will boost your confidence, spotlight your endowments and make you the center of attraction at any event.



From designer apparel, dinner gowns, evening dresses, table covers, table runners, accessories and more, these beautiful fabrics will always deliver. They are quality, durable and long-lasting.



For a sophisticated fashion sense or to add an air of royalty to your events, choose from iFabric's beautiful collection of Embroidered fabrics for a glamorous effect.



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