What is Chiffon Fabric ?

What is Chiffon Fabric ?

Chiffon fabric is a delicate, lightweight fabric made from 100% polyester and woven blends of various fibers. The dignified sheer fabric is easy in drape and has a floating effect and soft feel that makes it great for blouses, draperies, scarves, linings, ribbons, dress overlays, evening wear and more. The fabric also features see-through qualities that add an overlay and its inherent brilliance and absorbance make it comfortable in summer. iFabric’s chiffon collection is highly sorted after by professional dressmakers and fashion designers for its wide range of beautiful colors (15) and patterns from elegant sheer classics like black, white and ivory to bold hues like teal, orange, and Fuchsia. Shop your favorite chiffon fabric sold by the yard.

As we slowly edge into the summer months, you need an elegant and show-stopping attire to rock the many summer parties wherever the fun is going down!

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon is that soft and delicate fabric that comes handy when you need a sheer fabric with superb drape qualities. Chiffon creates that mesmerizing see-through effect when used on blouses, dresses, evening wear, and gowns. Its floating effect gives you a demeanor that makes you so full of grace no matter how retro or trendy your fashion style. 


Due to its lightness and sheer nature, chiffon fabric is used mainly for draping, tucking, gathering, and shirring. 


iFabric has a wide range of chiffon fabric for fashion and decoration purposes. Our chiffon collection is the top choice of fashion designers and events planners who want to create a lasting impression with their designs. 



From the royal ambiance of the gold chiffon fabric, the cool features of the blue chiffon, to the bold navy blue and so much more, our beautiful and high-quality chiffon collection will sure deliver the grand effect you need to wow your admirers.


In addition to making glamorous party dresses, chiffon fabric is an excellent choice for captivating party decorations. If you have a wedding or birthday party lined up for this summer, give your party a high-end aura by selecting one of our beautiful chiffon fabrics for the decoration of the venue. It works wonders when used for podium decorations, seat backings, table decor, and other accessories to make your party the talk of the town for months to come. 


Chiffon creates a breathtaking effect when used on top of another fabric for bridal wear. You can drape or gather it to make the gown look more solid and regal. Chiffon is also the perfect fabric for layering. Whether as lining or to increase the volume of another material, chiffon works wonders when used in skirts, creating a floating and graceful effect you can’t help but love. 


Chiffon is the preferred material for decorative scarves on account of its airy feel and appearance. Chiffon can also be used for embroidery and home decor purposes. It is extensively used for curtains and cushion covers, giving the home a gorgeous, sleek-smooth and gentle ambience. 


iFabric collection of chiffon fabric is made from 100 percent polyester. Each of our chiffon fabric is lightweight and extremely soft. They make an excellent fabric for layering bridal and formal wears, flowing scarves, draped extensions, lining, etc. You can choose from a wide variety of colors at $2.99 per yard or lower when you buy up to 10 yards. Plus, they are easy to maintain and do well in the washing machine. 


Chiffon Fabric


So, you want to feel fly while catching some fun at the beach? iFabric chiffon fabric scarves give you that carefree personae with your designer specs on. Going to your sister’s wedding? Select one of our gorgeous chiffon fabrics to look as ravishing as the bride!  


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