Burlap Fabric

Burlap Fabric

Featuring an assortment of colors, burlap fabric is a 100% jute (vegetable fiber), perfect for a wide range of décor and fabric based projects. The odorless, medium weight and tightly-woven fabric is durable, hence ideal for use as packing material and in a variety of other projects. Sanitized to remove natural oils, burlap fabric has an incredible drape that makes it great for designing rustic themes for chic weddings as well as home décor accents such as apparel, table runners, crafts, no sew window coverings, pew bow and much more. The fabric is sold by the yard.

iFabric offers high-quality burlap fabrics of different colors. Our burlap fabric is 100 percent jute, which makes it bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Burlap is used mainly for decorative and utilitarian functions including curtains, bags, shoes, agricultural and garden use, arts and crafts, theater projects, wallpapers, fashion accessories, and so much more.

Burlap Fabric

Jute, the vegetable from which burlap fabric is made, has been used for hundreds of years by the ancient Indians before it became known by the English in the later part of the 18th century. Ever since then, it has been exported to different parts of the world where it has seen a diverse array of applications. Also known as hessian due to its historic use as the preferred cloth for German soldiers’ uniforms, burlap fabric is the choice fabric for rustic-themed wedding decorations. It is also used for making bags for packing agricultural merchandise such as coffee, cocoa, sand, cement, as well as garden bags, and others. Burlap fabric is excellent when used as a table runner, and pillowcase. They are also excellent for pew bows, no-sew window coverings, and crafts. 

Burlap fabric is a highly durable and versatile fabric, and iFabric offers an assortment of colors for all your domestic and craft needs. The fabric has been sanitized to remove natural oils, making it odorless and medium weight. iFabric offers burlap of high durability that is easy to cut and sew for a diverse range of uses. 

Burlap Fabric

Are you planning a rustic wedding this summer? Burlap is the perfect fabric to make your magical country-chic wedding a blast. Burlap is ideal for table runners, chair bows, and pew bows. You can use a long length of burlap to make up to three no sew table runners. To create that lovely shabby-chic effect, wrap burlap around your bouquets for lasting memories that will endure forever. 

You can also use burlap for table runners to give your home a more appealing visual. You can even add some letters or paint designs during the holidays for a unique look. 

Our burlap fabric is tightly woven, making them ideal for pillowcases. Burlap pillowcases are easy to make and can be decorated with spray paint to personalize and add some color to your home. 

Burlap Fabric

iFabric burlap fabric is also great for embroidery hoop art. Using burlap as a base due to its holes, you can easily sew different embroidery designs, and it is also easy for kids who may need oversized needles. 

You can give your pictures a rustic effect by adding burlap to the photo frames, and it can also be used for making a canvas for painting. In fact, it is used for making shoes, fashion bags, and other fashion accessories. 

Burlap can also be used for different functions in your garden. You can use them for planting, storing seeds, or harvesting produce and so on. 

Whether for weddings, home decorations, or utility uses such as packaging produce; burlap continues to shine as a versatile and durable fabric that provides value without damaging the environment

You can buy your quality 100 percent jute burlap fabric from iFabric by the yard. Our burlap fabric is available in different sizes and colors. They are affordable, and we offer great discounts.

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