Blackout Drapery Fabric

Blackout Drapery Fabric

Blackout Drapery Fabric Lining drapes beautifully into soft folds. Made to be lightweight and easy to work with, this blackout drapery features 70 percent polyester and 30 percent cotton. Designed with a built-in sound barrier, the drapery muffles annoying sounds to give you a peaceful space. The quality, dry-cleanable and easy to maintain drapery lining is ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, and offices.


iFabric has an amazing collection of blackout drapery lining for maximum privacy and comfort in interior spaces. Blackout drapery lining is lightweight and versatile. Our blackout drapery contains 70 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton. 


iFabric blackout draperies are excellent for keeping the lights out in homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, and other interior spaces. In addition to the blackout effects, they feature a built-in sound barrier that helps muffle sounds to keep your space quiet and peaceful. Whether for use in schools, homes, hospitals, hotels or offices, our dry-cleanable blackout drapery are affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. 


Blackout Drapery Fabric


Blackout Drapery Off-White 

Our off-white blackout drapery is perfect for keeping exterior light from the window out of spaces in schools, hotels, hospitals, and offices. Also, it also provides soundproofing and insulation, helping to keep your space cooler in the warm summer months and warmer during the chilly winter season. Due to its 3-Pass blackout lining design, our off-white blackout drapery is ideal as a standalone drapery with a superb off-white finish that creates a relaxing ambiance in your space. 


Budget Ivory Drapery Lining Fabric 

iFabric offers a beautiful ivory blackout fabric drapery for homes and commercial buildings. It is also 3-Pass, which means it has three layers of foam that help to effectively block out light coming into the room from the windows. The three layers also make it ideal for sound-proofing as well as insulation against heat and cold. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and affordable. 


Budget Blackout White Drapery Lining Fabric

Featuring 3-Pass blackout, iFabric's blackout white drapery lining fabric is great for homes, schools, hospitals, and offices for blacking out the exterior light. It also provides sound-proofing and insulation benefits. 


Blackout draperies are important elements of a room for parents of babies, as it helps keep out the light so that the baby can rest without the distress of bright lights and different sounds from the exterior of the room. It also helps travelers and patients have a quiet and serene environment to rest, which is why it’s widely used in hotels and hospitals. 


Apart from its use in buildings, blackout drapes are also widely used for wallpapers and planetarium domes. It is also used for theatrical purposes such as dividers and movie projector screens. They can also be used as photography backdrops in photo studios, dividers in rooms, banquet tablecloths, and more. 


iFabric blackout drapery linings are 54" wide and sold by the yard. Our blackout draperies are 3-Pass, highly durable, and can be dry-cleaned. They are also affordable, and you can enjoy mouthwatering discounts when you buy up to 10 yards.


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