Walking in a store, or across the neighborhood, you must have seen those beautiful leather-like bags and belts on different people. These leather-like belts and bags can take a beating in the rain without even being phased. Well, if you have been thinking of the name to place on that material – it’s vinyl. Vinyl fabric is a popular fabric used for upholstery, cushion, boat interiors, bags, belts, and every other excellent looking material.

Vinyl is your go-to material for an excellent, durable, waterproof, and very easy to clean fabric. Once you have it with you, you reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do whenever it gets dirty. They come in different colors, designs, textures and patterns. In this guide, we will be giving you an in-depth look at this extremely strong fabric.

Types of vinyl

There are many different types of vinyl materials such as the marine vinyl, standard vinyl, clear vinyl, and flannel backed vinyl. All the different types of vinyl have different purposes they are suited for.

  • The clear and flannel vinyl are both used to make protective covers for table covers.
  • Standard vinyl on the other hand are used for bags and marine vinyl for the boats.

In the same way, vinyl coated mesh are also excellent for deck shades. They act as a protective cover for the vinyl while keeping the flexibility intact and ensuring durability. There are different types of vinyl mesh, each suited for a different use.

The reason why they would fit with the mesh is that vinyl has the ability to stretch – an excellent quality for car upholstery. Most times, vinyl is also termed as faux leather because it is an excellent substitute for leather itself.

Sewing vinyl

You have to be extra careful when sewing vinyl. As much as they are ultra-strong, sewing them the wrong way can also cause them to tear.

When trying to sew them, you must have two things in mind – the stitch length and the presser foot. For the presser foot, you need to use Teflon in place of a metal presser foot because vinyl tends to stick, but with Teflon, it provides a smooth glide as you sew.

You also need to pay particular attention to the length of the stitch because having them too close can create holes that are easy to tear. So, you need to give a considerable distance between each stitch.

Reasons why vinyl is loved by many

It saves you time on cleaning

It is equally waterproof

Doesn’t fade even after many years of use

Extremely durable

Ultra strong

Has the ability to stretch

It doesn’t fade

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