Dot and Polka Dot Fabric

Dazzle your friends with beautiful and elegant polka dot dresses from our awesome collection of dot fabrics. iFabric stocks a large collection of high-quality polka dot fabrics for a wide range of uses. Our Polka dot and dot fabrics are available in breathtaking designs, colors, patterns, textures, and weights. Regardless of the project you want to embark upon, you will find the perfect polka dot material to suit your needs. We stock high quality Polka Dot Fleece Print fabrics and Polka Dot Poly Cotton fabric ideal for a variety of purposes.




Polka dot has been around for about 100 years, and the elegant fabric has never ceased to fascinate admirers for several decades. Starting from the 1930s when polka dot dresses starting showing up in stores and Hollywood movies, the dot revolution has permeated both high fashion and common fashion circles, with many fashionistas combining different dot patterns to make a bold statement of style.



Dot and Polka Dot Fabric


Our polka dot fabrics are ideal for apparel, upholstery, quilt, and creative projects. Choose from our vast array of polka dot materials for elegant dresses, tops, blouses, baby and children's clothing, bedspreads, pillowcases, and blankets and more! iFabric polka dot fabrics, especially the cotton variant is excellent for decorative projects, quilting, patchwork, crafts and so on.



Our polka dot fabrics are affordable and come from quality and highly durable materials. If you want to move the crowd and send a strong message with your apparel, select from our beautiful collection of polka dot fabrics for your high-end party dresses. These materials are also ideal as accents on furniture, upholstery, bean bags cushion covers and so on. You can choose from a wide range of colors, dot sizes, designs, patterns, and weight, depending on your project requirements.



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