Clear Vinyl

  • 12 Gauge Clear Vinyl 12 Gauge Clear Vinyl $4.99 / Yard SALE
  • 8 Gauge Clear Vinyl 8 Gauge Clear Vinyl $2.99 / Yard SALE

Clear Vinyl


The clear vinyl fabric is what your transparent shower curtain is made from. It’s one of the cheaper and versatile vinyl materials on the market and is perfect for waterproofing and dust proofing items and spaces in and outside of the home.


Our clear vinyl fabric is available in two varieties including the 8 gauge and 12 gauge clear vinyl fabrics. Both fabrics feature 100 percent vinyl face and 100 percent polyester backing. Our clear vinyl fabric is double polished for extra clarity. The fabric has a width of 54" and offers a high level of flexibility. While being waterproof and tough, iFabric clear vinyl is simple to sew and offers an impressive array of uses.



Clear Vinyl Fabric



When you want to waterproof or dustproof your furniture, electronics, cooking utensils, and other items that can accumulate dust or moisture, our clear vinyl is a perfect material for that purpose. It’s ideal for making custom bags, cosmetic bags, garment bags, and highly durable shopping bags and bag liners. It’s also an excellent fabric for table protection cover and linen cover, book covers, craft projects, shower curtains, transparent rainwear, and more. Clear vinyl is the ideal indoor waterproofing fabric which can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and every other place in the home and outdoors.


Our clear vinyl fabric is durable, long-lasting and affordable. The fabric is easy to work with and even easier to maintain by wiping with a wet cloth. You can tape it, cut it, or sew it. The fabric is sold by the yard in a continuous length.



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